Interest in 20-7-7 and 21-7-7

I have received Division orders from Camino. I sort of remember some orders from the commission. But, as these leases have been held by production. From the 70’s I think. Did not think much more about it. I do not live in Grady. But, I guess they have been drilled. Anybody know anything about these wells. Kimber and Holden. Thanks and regards.

Yes, both of those horizontal wells have been drilled. Their surface location is from a pad in section 8. You can get the well information documents from the OCC wellrecords website. Looks like two Kimber wells as there was a redrill of the first one. Look for forms 1002A which is the completion report.
Test. Type in 0807N07W in the well location box.

The production data is in the Gross Production website. Gross Production. You can find the active date for the wells which is fairly close to the first sales date.

You should look up the case files with the final orders for each section as you will need the splits of perforations in each section in order to make sure that your decimal amount is correct.

Case Processing Online. Look up your sections and get the percentage of perforations in each section.

The equation is net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. The spacing acres is 640 which you can find on the completions report Form 1002A

Thanks for the info! Contacted my attorney. They are drawing up a order for me. He does not much like the Camino doc. They have accepted his. Checking the numbers as well. Thanks and regards

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