Interactive map of oil wells

Is there an interactive map that will allow me to view the wells located in Grady County section 22, township 9 North, Range 7 West? If so, please post a link.

There used to be an interactive map at OCC, but the link that I have no longer works.

Jeffrey, here is the new link for the OCC map. The following link is also useful to get a list of wells in a given section:

PeteR; Outstanding 4.0. Tks for Sharing!!

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I cannot get either link to work using Google Chrome browser. Do I need to use another browser?

Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the “new topic” button at the top of the page. Enter “internet resources for mineral owners” and open the linked page where you may find alternatives, like the shalexp reference I shared.

Both URL’s worked fine for me under Goggle Chrome

Just my 2 cents, only the data mining link works for me using Google chrome on an older Android smartphone. I’m not technically savy enough to know if that info is even helpful.

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