Intelligent Mobile OIl Recovery Unit

Using IOT (the Internet of Things) 3G technology, we have developed the first “Smart Mobile Oil Recovery Unit”, it enables economic, safe and secure, auditable, oil production from idle or marginal wells, without pump jacks, tank batteries, or any surface facilities. Units are mounted on rugged 6x6 trucks that can access any location, collect and store up to 100 bbls of net oil production from multiple wells, and unload to a final battery tank or directly off to transport trailers as needed. MOST IMPORTANT, the units operate under a fraud-proof auditable system that records and reports net oil production on real time, while oil is been recovered, we believe this is a game changer for idle and stripper wells.... We are seeking mid to small size operators with access to multiple stripper, idle or orphan wells, and are eager to put them back in production, or to lower their operating costs. Thanks for your time. (832) 294 5869