Inquiry to sell or lease McKenzie

We just recently got an inquiry from Lynx Oil Company to sell or lease in this section 146N-98W-16. This is the second or third nibble we have received for McKenzie County this year. Is anyone aware of any new leasing activity in this area? Does anyone know anything about Lynx (there seems to be some past link with Lone Tree). Thanks JSM

Continental has drilled quite a few horizontal wells in the township. Leasing in the last three years in the sections that are not yet drilled. Section 16 is held by production by the Mary 1-16XH well. IF they start infill drilling, it will be interesting. A rig is about four miles away.

Yeah I’m not sure why you are getting offered to lease as Sec 16 is in a 1980 acre DSU with an active producer since 2015. As M_Barnes said, HBP. I mean if you aren’t getting paid by CLR you should give them a call and inquire about funds in suspense or your status.

I know zero about Lynx.

You have more wells/oil on your acreage. They aren’t great. I would guess it will take a good long while to see them drilled.

I meant Section 6, not 16. If I can edit it, I will.

Roger. Well that pushes you a few miles further away from things. And yes, explains unleased. Nothing going on near there that I can see. In a path to 2050 world that still requires oil you’d assume someone would drill 250,000 bo wells there. But we may not be on that path, and if we are it will take a while. But things change.