Inquiry re remote mi in Lincoln Co

I continue to receive small tax assessments for mi in Lincoln Co: 1/4 of 1/73.1: SE 4NW4 Sec. 6; 1/4 of 1/56: N2NW4, SW4NW Sec.6 T8S R 56W of the 6th P.M. I have no idea what this is or whether I should abandon the interest.

I would verify that there is no production on your tract. In some states, there is a reference to an operator or a well. If so, you should determine if you are entitled to revenue. Now, if you’re not, a couple things to think about. 1. Some counties have a decent amount of production and Lincoln is one of those counties. 2. You might be able to sell the interest to the surface owner or to a mineral buyer.

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