Injection Wells in Reeves

Several injection wells have been drilled on the property that I have leased. What does that mean for future drilling in these sections? There are currently no active wells on these sections, but many active horizontal wells on adjacent sections.

Disposal wells are mostly in Delaware formation - 5,000-7,000 feet. This formation is separate from the much deeper Wolfcamp and there will not be any communication between them. An operator should be able to find a location for a well once your minerals are leased.

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 Are they paying you some percentage of their injection income?  If they are not, they are looking for a problem and you should present them with a question as well!

 That being said, the injected waters into your formations could present a problem as well, possibly causing an increase in drilling mud weight and shallow well control problems should some company leases your mineral rights.  With this in mind, you may want to press the company for more dollars per barrel injected than they are paying (Hopefully?) now!  If they are not paying you anything except surface damages, etc you might want to contact a Landsman or Lawyer to see what options you have!

Stephen Watkins

She has indicated that she owns minerals and has said nothing about surface ownership. The surface owner has the right to sign an SWD agreement without any interference by the mineral owners.