Inheriting very old mineral rights in ND

My sister and I have inherited mineral rights in Billings, McKenzie and Burke Counties from our grandfather, passing through our grandmother and stepmother to us, that he acquired back in the 1950's and early 1960's. In some cases we have been successful in transferring ownership to us, but it has become clear that there are other mineral rights in ND and other states where the deeds have been lost and we have not even been aware of minerals acquired by him 50-60 years ago. Some oil companies have been diligent in searching for and finding us as proper heirs - others not so much. My question is this:

How can I show the connection from my grandfather, who died in 1963, to my grandmother [d.1996] and then my stepmother [d.2011] to their current legal heirs, my sister and me? I live in Missouri and can't visit all the Bakken counties to scour the books for my grandfather's, grandmother's or stepmother's names on mineral rights. Is there some form of legal posting I can do to make such a connection visible to landmen? I have been told that I should create an account linking us all. Has anyone tried that with success?

I just feel in my gut that there are mineral rights out there that are ours that I need to get control of so that my heirs don't have this same problem down the road. Thanks for any help.

No, there is no central posting spot to connect you with all landmen (I wish there were). You'll want to first scour courthouses and figure out what you own. Get your files straight, and every 10 years you'll be expected to update your address info with the particular courthouse. I have a very capable landman contact that can do all this for you if you'd like it. I'm at

What was your grandfather's name? Did he have any interests in Sheridan County MT/ There were several Dietrich's around the Plentywood area. My grandfather purchased land form one of them and retained 1/2 interest in 40 acres to this day. My family holds the rest of the acreage around that 40. There was a Howard and Frank that I knew personally.

I hope you are familiar with the Dormant Minerals Act. Have to show use, lease, used as collateral or file a statement of claim every 20 years or a surface owner could claim your minerals as abandoned. I would also check the NDRIN North Dakota Recorders Information Network for any recordings regarding Un-locatable Mineral Owner Trusts or persons seeking to succeed to mineral acres for any of the names you have. The NDRIN gives online acess to about the last 20-25 years of records. Last I checked it cost $25 a month and they take credit cards. Be warned that if you don't cancel, it becomes a recurring charge. One month should be plenty of time to do what you need. Good luck.

My Grandfather was F. A. Dietrich, his widow, my grandmother, was Dorothy H Dietrich, then my stepmother Leona Dietrich. The only MT leases that I know about were in Hill County, and never amounted to much. Let me know if you come across any of those names - I would appreciate it.