Inherited royalty deeds

I have discovered in my deceased (1976) father’s files some 1929 royalty deeds for gas/oil royalties in Pecos county, Texas. How do I find out whether any oil or gas has been or is being extracted from the blocks and sections specified in these deeds, and to whom I should apply for the royalties owed to my father and his “heirs and assigns forever”? I am not aware of my father having ever received any royalties based on these deeds.

bb3902 you can check the current status of the area on the texas rrc gis map. You can also check the Texas site for unclaimed funds. A landman may be able to help you trace the history of the courthouse records.
If you share your location info here, someone on the forum may be able to tell you a little more. Be sure to read your deed carefully to understand what your father had. On older deeds, the term royalty deed and mineral deed were often used, but you have to read the details to see what was meant.

This is the viewer. You would have to make sure that your title is clear, documented and filed in the county clerk’s office where the minerals are held. You may need the help of a landman to clarify the history of the ownership. You will have to contact the operator of the wells to see if they are holding funds in suspense or if they have been turned over to the state.

If you provide your fathers name, I can pull the old royalty deeds, look at the Sections to see if there is any production and can suggest next steps you could take.

Using the GISViewer, I have determined that the only deeded sections that are shown to have active wells are in Block OW. Section 74 has well 30601, Section 76 has wells 30144, 31757, 31880, and 32379, and Section 84 has well 30735 and a permitted location 38272. The deed is recorded in Book 81, Page 166, duly signed by the County Clerk and Deputy. It specifies 1/700 interest in all oil, gas and other minerals, and includes 1/128 of all oil, gas and mineral royalty due under the terms of the leases. What are my next steps?

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Your easiest checks, although they may be long shots, are to check the Texas unclaimed funds site for your father’s name, or to contact the current operators to see if they are holding funds in your father’s name.
A lot could have happened to the mineral/royalty rights since 1929. You would likely need the help of a skilled landman to see if there are later events in the county records related this royalty/mineral deed.
If the rights are still intact, you will probably need legal help to establish yourself as the proper owner. After you have clear ownership you could contact the operators to see if they will lease to you, but since it is after the fact there may be other legal hurdles.