Inherited rights in Lea Co

Any ideas or help is welcome. I inherited my mothers lease and am not sure what to do next. The last lease was for 5 years from Yates Petroleum, that was dated 2011, called the number on the paper work, seems to be out of business. So this lease is out by 4 years, I guess no one has since leased it, and I would like to get it working for me.

The description of the mineral rights is Township 13 South, Range 34 East Sec 4: lots 1,2,3,4 S2N2 and Sec 16 N2

Also it says that my mom had 1.069651 net mineral acres owned.

Yates was purchased by EOG in 2016.

Thanks, contacted EOG and not heard back, maybe someone can help me understand this…I called Lea Co to have this transferred into my name, I assumed it would be like changing title on a house, they said they did not do it that way and to contact the oil and gas company and see how to proceed, or to contact a lawyer. So am I wrong in thinking this would be like real property?

EOG is kind of funny when getting back to people. They used to have a person call you back within a couple of days or so, but havent had to call lately. Im not sure about the real estate part but I think when you sell part of your royalties you cant take your capital gains and use it for buying real estate for tax purposes.

For mineral rights, a phone call is not sufficient. You would have to have proper documentation of the title passing to you in order to have the rights changed to your name.(will, probate, trust, etc.) It must also be filed in the county courthouse. Many comments along those lines on the forum. EOG is very behind on their paperwork and probably even more during the COVID-19 situation. Patience. Send them a certified letter return receipt asking what you should do and what paperwork they will require. In the letter, tell them your mother’s name, give a copy of the lease, date of death, your name and address and if you have already filed probate documents, the book and page where they are filed. They may need a copy of the documents.

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