Inherited Rights..Glasscock

We have inherited an interest in “ all Section 30 Block 35 Township 3 South, Public School Land” 652 acres Anything going on in this area? Thanks for any wisdom.

This link will open the Texas RRC GIS Map Viewer on a producing well in Block 35 T3S, Section 30, Glasscock County. Use the sliding vertical magnification bar to zoom out a bit for a better picture of what is around you. The map shows no permitted wells in your section, but there sometimes seems to be some lag time between when the permits are approved and when the permitted wells appear on the map. There are newly permitted horizontal wells to your immediate west. It seems as if you might ought to be receiving royalties from producing wells on the section.

Nothing seems to be going on there now. If you own in the SE/4 of Sec 30 it seems you would be getting paid for the Brunson 30 vertical well production from Pioneer. I’m sure you know if you are leased etc.

The geology there should support horizontal well drilling (says the non-geologist). It should get drilled with horizontal wells at some point in next 5-10 years max if people keep running these kinds of rig counts in the Midland Basin. So yeah keep checking the RRC viewer. If its a decent amount of acreage it will be worth a pretty good amount.

Great advice from the two of you. Thank you for the link to the RR maps. We have mineral rights in 7 other counties and I will sit down with the map and see what it holds for potential in those counties. I am totally new to this but with the help of this group and a good oil and gas lawyer we have hired we have begun the process to re register deeds through Affidavit of Heirship. Again, I really appreciate the responses… thank you

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Also check the RRC’s Drilling Permit Query Page

and consider signing up for CourtHouseDirect’s excellent, free “Lease Alerts” service for your counties of interest.

CourtHouseDirect dot com On the left side of the page, follow down to the Title Research section and under Oil and Gas click “Lease Alert”