Inherited minerals and need research in Wetzel County, WV

Hello everyone

About 3wks ago my wife found out she has a inheritance from her grand mother from 1990. It is about mineral rights in Wetzel County, West Virginia. We were contacted by a landman company & asked to contact other family members. We supplied information about other family members that have past away. We gave them all the info. they requested. They however have not given us any information. I seen on here where we may of lost are rights, because we didn't have any idea we had inherited, & have not paid the taxes. The landman company did not tell us we lost our rights. In fact they did tell one of the relatives we have money coming. Can someone please make some sense out of all this? We have no idea how to proceed. Their are 6 other people in the family that also inherited. We have contacted all of them. At this time I do not want to revel the name of the Landman company.

Have you contacted the Court House in Wetzel County? Probably the Assessor's office is the place to start in asking about the status of things.

This link should work. In my county the assessor keeps up with ownership of royalties etc. and is likely the source the gas company used to locate your wife.

They told me I have to come down there to the County Clerks Office. Can I just go there and get copies of the deeds to the mineral rights for the wells in Question? I`am not sure what to even ask for. I think there could be as many as 20 wells in question.