Inherited Mineral Rights

My mother quit claimed mineral rights to my brother and myself several years ago. Mother passed in December 2014. While going through some of her papers recently I ran across a letter dated 2001 from Assurance Insurance Co. asking if she wanted to sell her mineral rights. I tried to contact Assurance, the number on the letter is disconnected and the letter I sent to Assurance was returned to me. Not sure what to do or where to start. I can say we sure could use the money if there is some. Not sure when she received her last royalty check. And the family members with knowledge is not very helpful. Please advise me where to start. Right now I can not afford an attorney.

Thanks for your help.



Click on this link and you may find a good contact number:

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Clint Liles

Mrs. Ann:

First off are the minerals currently leased or do you know? Also, where are these minerals located? Be very cautious in selling mineral rights as once they are gone, they are gone. If you can provide general area there are different parties in different areas that purchase mineral rights.