Inherited Mineral Rights

I inherited mineral rights in from my parents a number of years ago. They in turn had inherited the rights from 2 sisters who passed away with no "blood heirs", bit left everything to my parents who took care of them in their "elderly years" I have not thought of these mineral rights for over 20 years until I read an article on fracking in Oklahoma. I have their names and not much else except I know they were from Guthrie Oklahoma. Any thoughts

Without a legal description to go off of, it would be difficult to track this acreage down. If the acreage was passed by probate I would look to the probate of the sisters. If the probate is not forthcoming with a legal description then your best chance would be to look for the names of the two sisters, preferably providing their maiden names if they passed away under a married name.

It can take some time to do if you are not accustomed to navigating the resources available. If you would rather, I would be happy to conduct a cursory search for you, or we could walk you through this process on the forum or by private message.

This is completely out of my ballpark. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The Sisters names are Grace I Tait and Ethel R Hawley.

I'm coming up short on anything, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. Do you have a copy of their probate or will? This would be the document that transferred the interest from Ethel Hawley and Grace Tait to your parents. Barring that, perhaps the document that transferred the interest from your parents to yourself.