Inherited Mineral Rights

How do you obtain mineral deeds?

You can go to the courthouse in the county that the minerals are located in or go to

Where are the properties (State) and how and when did you obtain them?

I’m trying to determine if you want copies of existing conveyances to you (or a previous conveyance). Or are you are trying to fix a non-marketable title issue.

If you are looking for deeds that have already been filed, most states have records online.
In Oklahoma, we have a hodgepodge of sites that have those records.

If you need to get the property into your name, that depends greatly upon where you live. In Oklahoma for example this usually means a probate.

The only record of the mineral rights we have is a copy of her great aunt’s will, and the royalty statements we get.

The minerals rights are in Grady, Garvin, Stephens, Carter, and McClain counties.

Will we need to go to each county courthouse to do records search to get mineral deeds?