Inherited mineral rights -where do I start?

I have inherited mineral rights (McClain County, 31 township 8N range 3W 2.951524 net mineral acres). Can someone enlighten me on pros/cons of leases?


Welcome to the forum. If you are new to mineral rights, you may find this booklet helpful.
0_Royalty-Owners-Booklet-112020.pdf (6.8 MB)

Leasing goes from the grass roots to the center of the earth unless you put some depth clauses in the lease to restrict the zones that are leased. Most draft leases from a land agent are not in the mineral owner’s favor and need legal editing. Many of us with small acreage wait for pooling. Forced pooling is quite common in OK and many of us prefer it as it shortens the time period and only refers to a certain limited reservoir horizon(s).

Depending upon the exact location of your acreage in that section, you may already have production. Are you on the east side or the west side?

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Welcome to the forum. Good leases are good. Bad leases are bad. Companies usually offer a lease with bad terms. If offered a lease it should be reviewed by an attorney.

This post is not legal, tax or investment advice. Reading or responding to this post does not create an attorney/client relationship.


The land is on the NE quarter of Section 09, Township 15 North, Range 06 East, Lincoln Country, OK according to the affidavit they want me to sign regarding heirship. I have this company named Anevay Resources reaching out to me. If anyone has information on them, please let me know.

This new description is completely different than the one given above. I am going to move it over to Lincoln county for you.

Yes, noticed that as well. I did find a legal filing regarding pooling 2011. It shows SE/4 of section 6, Township 6 North, Range 3 West, McClain County.

I think Anevay has some discrepancies in their paperwork.

You may have production royalties in suspense. Two wells. Suggest that you go through Warwick-Bacchus first if you you are not in pay status. They will tell you what paperwork you need to file. If they decide to drill more infill wells, you need your title to be clear. This section would have either an old lease or a pooling since it is productive.

Calvert 0603-6-7 1WHX was drilled in 2020. The operator was Warwick-Bacchus LLC.
6608 N WESTERN AVE BOX 417 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73116-7326 phone 405-607-3400

SixKiller 7-6-0603 1WHX was drilled by Native and then sold to Warwick-Bacchus LLC .

So ignore Anevay Resources at the moment and contact the company you have mentioned? Any idea why Anevay Resources would be contacting me if there’s already a Warwick is already in there? Still trying to understand it all.

Found another: section 20, township 8 north, range 4 west in McClain County

Anevay is a mineral buyer. They want current and future royalties. If you do not want to sell, ignore them.

It might be a good idea to make a list of the mineral rights that you have. Make a list of the wells that go with those rights. Get caught up on the activity in those areas.

Get familiar with the Oklahoma Corporation website. It can be very helpful. 0_Royalty-Owners-Booklet-112020.pdf (6.8 MB)

I saw this post and downloaded the Royalty Owners Booklet. Thank you.

I have received information from Continental Resources, Inc., regarding the multiunit horizontal well. Apparently, my grandmother owns a small mineral interest (may own?) in McClain County. My grandmother is deceased, as is my mother. I don’t know how I was tracked down but have received the correspondence that lists my grandmother as one in the group who “currently have the right or claiming to have the right to share in productions from the proposed multiunit horizontal well…”.

I researched online records in McClain County, and my grandmother’s name did not appear. A landman from Continental Resources told me my grandmother had a mineral interest, two net acres, Section 4, Township 6N, Range 3W in McClain County. He mentioned a lease for the Whitis Well 1-4 and that she inherited this from my grandfather. My grandfather was in the oil industry in Oklahoma his entire life so this makes sense as a possibility.

I don’t have any documents regarding this lease. I looked online at the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s website for unclaimed property. Her name pops up there as having funds in Hughes County.

What is the best way to start getting any ownership, transferred to my grandmother’s heirs?

Thank you, Catherine

Can anyone tell me who I should contact about this property?

It all depends on what you want to know about it!

It appears that your section named is in a drilling operation by OVINTIV. Assuming you are leased, then you can contact OVINTIV owner relations in Houston re: the status of the FOSTER 0804 wells.

Anevay is not just a “mineral buyer”. They have been actively leasing for several years now.

If you have information on how to reach out, that would be helpful. THanks!

For example, M_Barnes gave me an address/phone number to contact Warwick-Bacchus LLC. I’m looking for the same here.

Go to the OCC well list and type in FOSTER 08

Go to the permits (they are in section 29) and the address for OVINTIV is there.

Look up case 2021-001083 on the new Electronic Case Filing system. Put 2121-001083 in the case number. Error This has part of the info in the new system and part in the old. Hit the blue ERROR link.

The old system uses 202101083.

Thank you for the Anevay doing Leases. I just signed a bunch of paperwork for leasing with them!