Inherited mineral rights. What to do

My 3 sisters and I inherited a small amount of mineral rights from our grandmother. It’s section 9 township 5 north range 6 west. Any information on this location? We’ve called public records and tried to call back some of the companies who made offers to lease rights but can’t seem to get any good information. My uncle was in charge of everything until recently. I’m scared he’s taken hold of things without our knowledge or consent if you get my drift. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You need to get a copy of the document that states that you inherited immediately. You need to make sure that it is filed in the Grady county courthouse. There is pending horizontal well activity in that section. You need to contact the attorney for the case that has a pooling. 201900503 is the case. If you do not answer the pooling in time, a decision will be made for you and it will not be in your favor.

CAMINO NATURAL RESOURCES, L.L.C. 1401 17TH STREET, STE. 1000 DENVER, COLORADO 80202 Contact Name: GRAYSON BARNES Contact Phone: 918-382-8686 The other company pooling is Gulfport. Their case is 201901092. GULFPORT MIDCON, L.L.C. 3001 QUAIL SPRINGS PARKWAY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73134 Contact Name: BENJAMIN J. BROWN Contact Phone: 405-330-0725

The website for the pooling cases is OAP

Go online and look up those case numbers and see if you are on the respondents list or if your grandmother’s name is there. She may have a lease instead. Speed is pretty important here. You only have 20 days after the order date in which to pick a choice if you are on the respondents list.

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based on the information that Martha has set forth, a) that there is a new well set to be drilled, and b) you are concerned about something your uncle did, I would suggest you contact an attorney sooner rather than later.

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We actually signed with Gulfport who if I understand correctly is the company drilling new well. Our names are on everything. So hopefully all is set. This may be a stupid question but what happens once the new well is drilled. How soon are we looking at production or seeing any monetary gain from this.

Thank you so much for your help. Saved us.


The general time frame for drilling is four-five months for a two section well. Then five months after first sale for the Division Order. Then they are supposed to pay you by six months after first sales.

Make sure your probate is correctly filed in both the county of death and the county where the minerals are located. The title search to lease is usually less strict than the Division Order Title Opinion to actually pay on the well.

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Your lease is in the land records. Once there is production the company will likely require that your grandmother’s estate be probated in Oklahoma. You can do this even if your uncle doesn’t. A probate usually takes 65-75 days.

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