Inherited Mineral Rights Valuation

We inherited Howard County mineral rights in 2006 and are trying to find someone who could help us establish a cost basis for these. Can you suggest someone who could do this for us?

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Clint Liles

Thank you so much for the recommendation.

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I recently learned that I inherited royalty rights in Howard County when I started receiving offers to purchase. Big Surprise! I contracted Ardent Mineral Management and paid a fee to have them research exactly I had before I made any decisions to sell or keep. Buffie at Ardent Mineral Management conducted the research starting at the beginning of the statehood of Texas until me. I have decided not to sell. I did pay a fee, but feel good that now I am equipped with exactly what I have so in the future I can make more informed decisions. Hope this will be of help to you,

Thank you very much for this helpful information, Lisa. Do you have contact information for them?

Buffie Campbell 817*809*8010

Ardent Mineral Management

Hope this is helpful

Lisa Love