Inherited Mineral Rights/Royalties

I was notified a few years back about an offer to sell mineral rights and royalties from a Texas Petroleum Land Management. We did not sell. The rights were passed down several generations in my family and I have no clue what to do as their are several on this. The land description is 160 acres, N/2 SE/4 and S/2 NE4 Section 34, Block 33, T-3-N. There were approximately 12 who received the same letter in 2018 and an offer purchase offer royalty interest. All declined. Any info appreciated on activity and how I would obtain all that are listed on this property who have mineral rights.

They can keep offering until they realize your NOT going to sell. Stay Resolute and Dont let em bully you!

You may get more detailed information if you post that description in the state and county where the minerals are located. Use the “Counties” tab at the top of the page.

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