Inherited Mineral Rights Recently and need to know what to do next

I have recently found out that I have inherited mineral rights to a section/block in Howard County, Tx. I’ve been contacted by a Landman offering to purchase those rights. As I know nothing about this I was hoping for information. How do I go about find out the mineral production on this property? What do I need to do to start this process? I know a lawyer will eventually be needed to transfer the rights into my name. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, S. Cody

SJCody if U will provide the Section and Block and/or Abstract # I’m sure you will get some help answering your question

Section 57, Block 20 in Howard County. Thanks for the response.

SJCody the GIS map shows several plugged oil wells but no production at this time. This N/E area of Howard County is not the best area for production. GIS(Geographic Information Survey) map of Howard County Section 57/Block 20/A-595:


This is a good link to use to find production if there was some…

This link is for finding sections, blocks and abstract numbers in Texas…

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help to U. Clint

Thank you very much for the info. As we inherited this & have to put the rights into our names we are trying to figure out if it’s worth keeping it or selling it. I’m assuming they may be capped for years or may never be reopened - correct? Appreciate your time on this. Regards, S. Cody

Those wells were plugged and abandoned(P & A) and doubtful they will ever see any more action ever.

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