Inherited Mineral Rights Question

My great grandfather owned mineral rights in Cass County, Texas. My grandfather passed away in 2008. Just prior to passing away he received a check to buy his mineral rights. He told us that he would not sell his rights, but this meant that there may be some activity in the area soon. Since he passed away, my parents and their siblings have heard nothing.

After digging through old records, we found the name of a well in Cass County that says it is currently producing gas (not sure if it is much, but defiantly producing). No one has received any royalty payments or heard anything about the mineral rights in well over a decade.

The oil well is called Rives Well #1. We may have other wells on the area where mineral rights are owned, but we have no way of knowing. Is there any way to figure out what is going on to see how to proceed and make sure royalty payments are distributed appropriately? We have no clue where to start with limited information.

Cass County A-176 or Abstract 167

Amy, seems as the Rives #1 has continued to produce since Sept 1994 until the last few months.

This link is to production data on Rives #1/Lease # 151810/Gas well:|2=11|3=2017|4=10|5=2018|103=151810|6=G|102=06|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

Manipulate the beginning ‘Date Range’ back to September 1994 and click ‘Submit’ to view all production on this gas well.

Link to approved drilling permit for Rives #1/API 067-30410:

GIS map of Cass County A-167:


Clint Liles

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When my mother passed away, I had to provide documents with her legal heirs’ information as well as her Last Will, have the documents filed with the county clerks office where her will is located, and then provide the drilling company with the documents in order for them to change the ownership and start issuing payments to the individual heirs. Her well is in Kansas and all of her heirs reside in Oklahoma. Not sure if you will have to do the same process but probably something similar to change and start receiving mineral right payments

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