Inherited Mineral Rights - Need info

I have inherited some mineral rights in section 6 and section 31 in Marshall County. I have some land descriptions from old document. How do I verify what rights still exists and what they are worth?

In order to verify your mineral rights you will have to conduct a title search. Sometimes people leave mineral rights in a will, but later sell them and forget to re-do their will. A title search in the Marshall County land and court records will reveal your ownership interest.

You apparently have contiguous land in two townships. Figure out the legal vehicles by which they came to you and follow up with the County. Many of the counties now have records on line. That info with your old documents will provide quantity of net acres. Quality of the average will depend on what has been produced. If you find no leases, perhaps no minerals have been produced to date. Quantity X Quantity will give you an estimate of value range. Many of us can help you with the last part. Good Research