Inherited mineral rights in Sterling County, TX (cline shale)

My grandmother passed away a few months back and my uncles, my brother, and myself inherited mineral rights in several counties in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. We were recently contacted by a man offering to buy some of our rights in Sterling County, TX.

Since I am by no way knowledgable with this subject material, I was hoping you all could provide me with information as to who I should contact to help us out.

any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Ryan, I would be glad to help you out if you like. I own minerals in well over 100 counties in 16 states and was an active landman for most of my career although I only manage my minerals now.

You can reach me at 719-440-7700

In my opinion, only, it does not take knowledge to know what to do with one's inherited mineral rights. It takes being able to make a decision. You have three choices ... keep 'em ... lease 'em ... or sell 'em. But, IF you decide to sell, find out WHY someone else would want what you got. There's always a reason someone wants what someone else has.

If you can give the legal location of your minerals someone might be able to better help you.

Good luck,