Inherited mineral rights in San Augustine

About 9 months ago I was contacted by a land man saying she had discovered mineral rights that had belonged to my mother, one of 6 godchildren Mr. Eugene Lynch left everything to. Because he wrote her last name as Gallo instead of Hutcheson in his will, that was the reason for not being notified sooner as Mr. Lynch died in 1976. How do I find out what all land he willed to these 6 godchildren? Where? How?

I would start the search with the St Augustine County Clerks Office. Or if you know the name(s) of attorneys that drew up some of the papers associated with the relatives…

I agree. You will want to run his name back from 1976 and see any conveyances (Deeds, etc.) going to him before he died. Keep in mind it could just be a mineral deed but I’m not sure.

He should hopefully be listed as GRANTEE in the Deed Records and that document will have the legal description or it will have a reference to another document where the legal description is detailed.

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