Inherited Mineral Rights in Oklahoma

My mother inherited several oil and mineral royalties from her uncle which passed many years ago. My mother passed away in 1998 with a Will which stated my sister 50%, myself 40% and my 2 children 5%. She has been recieving checks since 1998 on a few wells. I was unaware of any of this information until 2008 when unclaimed monies were found so questions arised. My sister had been sick for many years so she signed Quit Claim Deeds over to myself for the ones we new about. Well, my sister passed away in January 2012. We recieved another phone call informing us that there are more wells in Canadian County the day after she passed away that someone wants to drill on. I have sent my mothers Will, Death Certificate and Affidavit of Heirship for myself to Canadian County Courthouse. My sister did not have a Will but I sent her Death Certificate and an Affidavit of Heirship for he. My sister has a surviving spouse and 2 sons but I have no idea of their status, whether they are alive nor a clue of their location. Apparently they cannot be found to update information. I am being told that since she has a surviving spouse, which is very ill, and 2 sons that the royalties will go to him and then the sons and their children and their children. Is this correct? Since my mother had a Will naming my sister and then myself a percentage and my sister did not have a Will when she passed, is there anything I can do? The lady in the Division Order Department does not answer the phone nor return phone calls. Is there anyone else I can contact other than an attorney?