Inherited Mineral rights from 1931

We just found out that we inherited some mineral rights in Glasscock county. It will take alot of research, is 40 percent of the mineral rights and 40 percent of the money the going rate for an attorney? Clint, how does block 34, section 48 twp 4 south look? And block 34 section 40, twp 4, south, rs, except ne 1/4. And block 34, twp 5, south, north half of sec 14. I was not sure of how to write it, copied it from business document. Thank you!!

You may want to contact a Texas attorney. See the image button above.

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Hi, thank you, do you have an opinion on the charges?

Way too steep. You should get several quotes.

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Kathy- don’t do that, that’s a bad deal.

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Who have you inherited from? Was he/she in pay on wells? Have you been contacted by a landman?Or is your research because someone found old papers in the house and you need to see if the minerals were sold? Glasscock County deed records are on line and you can research forward from earliest name or backwards from recent owners. Sec 48, Blk 34, Twn4-S - Apache is operating Redtail 48 wells (vertical) which were drilled in 2013. Apache will have a title opinion and list of mineral owners, including those who were not found. Sec 40, Blk 34, Twn 4-S - McClure Oil Company Inc is operating Glass 40 wells in Section 40 and in the southeast part of Section 40 Laredo Petroleum Inc is operating Glass 40 and LPI-Glass wells. Wells started being drilled in 2009 and there are horizontal wells in the vicinity. Sec 14, Blk 34, Twn 5-S - Encana Oil & Gas is operating vertical and horizontal Lawson wells. Contact these companies about your minerals, but you need to have some names from the deed history.


Wow! You are awesome! I di have paperwork showing mineral rights that belonged to my grandfather. We are his only heirs.

And thank you so much!!

I meant “cheap”. I hate auto spelling

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On Section 48 Block 34 T4S there are 7 currently producing wells… all with the Apache corp. They are on two different leases: Redtail 48, Lease #44057, and Condor 48, Lease #45311 . Lease # 44057 since May of 2013 has produced some104,720 barrels of oil and 634,962 MCF of Casinghead gas. Lease 45311 since October of 2013 has produced some 127,146 barrels of oil and 705,182 MCF of Casinghead gas. Looks like Apace owes you some money. Their operator number is 027200. Their address is 2000 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 100, Houston TX 70056. Address owner relations. First go to Glasscock County Clerks office and get copy of deeds and Wills showing your trail of ownership. Record Volume and page numbers to give to Apache. Expect them to send you division orders after they confirm you mineral right. Then if you have a mineral deed, you can expect to sign a lease and get a significant lease bonus. Ask for a 1/4 lease and expect at least $300 and acre for your participating acreage. If you a Royalty deed, then you will not sign a lease but get royalties that are due you. If they tell you that they only owe you for 4 years back due the Texas Statute of Limitations law, tell the to look up Section 10 Article one of U.S. Constitution that prohibits states from passing laws that impair the obligations of contracts. Federal law over rules state law… that is a fact, so Texas Statute of limitations law is an illegal law. Ask them to explain how this is not true… none of the oil companies want Texans to know about Section 10 of Article One U.S. Constitution…the word need to get out.

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In Section 40 Block 34 T-4-S there are another 7 currently producing wells with Loredo Petroleum and McClure Oil. Loredo has Lease #46276 lease name LPI-Glass 40B. Since May of 2018 has produces some 2,163 barrels of oil and 12,973 MCF of Casinghead gas. McClure has lease #39674 lease name Glass 40. Since September of 2009 the lease has produced some 75,151 barrels of oil and95,867 MCF of Casinghead Gas. Loredo Petroleum’s operator # is 486610. Their address is 15 West 6th St. Suite 900 Tulsa OK 71449 McClure operator # is 540703. Their address is 500 W Texas Suite 700 Midland TX 79701

In the North half of Section 14, Block 34 T-5-S there are another 7 producing wells. All are with Encana Oil. The Lease are Lawson 23A, Lease #46217, Lawson 14B Lease #44158, Lawson 23C Lease#48420, and Lawson 23D Lease# 48421, Since October 2014 Lease 46217 has produced some 173,886 barrels of oil and246,725 MCF of Casinghead gas. Lease 44158 since June of 2013 has produced some 257,062 barrels of oil and 755,079 MCF of Casinghead gas. Lease 48420 since Oct. 2016 has produced some 118,528 barrels of oil and 258,859 MCF of Casinghead gas. Lease 48421 since Octof 2016 has produced some 142,816 barrels of oil and 349,155 MCF of Casinghead gas. Encana Oil and Gas is operator #251691. Their address is 370 17th St. Suite 1700 Denver CO. 80202 Looks like you are owed some money if you can go to the Glasscock County Clerks office, find and copy the deeds, record Volume and page numbers and prove trail of ownership through Wills. I hope all this helps.

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Yes it does! Thank you!

You are wonderful for giving us help!

I’m glad everyone helped out. Attorneys should charge by the hour

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Thank you Caroline! I am hoping we have found one.