Inherited leases -don't understand what we've got

My siblings and I inherited some minerals in McClain county. We receive small royalty payments from several different companies. We believe they are quite old. How do we find out if the minerals were leases or pooled?how could we obtain a copy of the lease or pooling documents? Are we locked in forever? One of the company’s pay stubs just says 5N-4W various sections. The well names are on the stubs. Our minerals are also in 29-5n-3w, 26-5n-4w, 35-5n-4w. We do not have any of the original lease/pool documents. Also, we received a division order which for a plugged and abandoned well in Canadian county.29-11n-10w. Does this mean we are still locked into an agreement with the company (Chesapeake)? Thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped us out. We are clueless but y’all are helping us to understand.

Do not sign anything until you get legal counsel. Cashing a small check may keep you leased on a shut-in well.

My information says the lease is for 3 years on mine. You can call Chesapeake directly at 877-245-1427 and they will be helpful to you. I talk with them quite often and they helped me transfer my inherited rights so give them a chance. I have a copy of my pooling order and everything. Give them the owner number on your checks. I hope this helps.

Thanks Lora. I'll try that with each of the companies.

You're welcome!