Inherited in Oklahoma County?

Can anyone tell me where I can find out the owner of mineral rights for Sec. 27 T14 R3W in Oklahoma County ?

I am new at this. My Mother recently passed away and I have a gift and assignment of interest in real estate paper by an attorney where she was gifted this interest in this property.

I have not located the official mineral deed for it and I am wondering if she still owned it at the time of her death. Is there a website or someplace to call about this specific section to see who is listed as the owner?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Kelly

I'm probably the least knowledgeable on this site, but I have learned how to search County Records. Oklahoma County has a website with records such as Warranty Deeds:

You must sign up (free) and create an ID and password. Then you can search using names of your mother or anyone who may have given her mineral interests, or using legal descriptions, etc. The legal description you've given for the Township lacks a N or S distinction, and that must be included for the search: T14N or T14S.

In T14N there are 2 Warranty Deeds from Rodkey(?) to Bennie Lybrand and Lybrand to Rodkey. The 1982 WD retains the mineral rights for Lybrand, if this is your mother. I say this because your mineral rights may not be in a Mineral Deed, but rather transferred in a Warranty Deed.

Dear Sharyn,

We found some important papers (stamped with book and date information) a few are mineral deeds and one or two are warranty deeds. Do you know the difference?


Thank you so much. No "we" are the least informed. I have spent many hours trying to understand this. Thank you sooooo much for the information you have provided. I will certainly look in the Oklahoma County Records and setup an account.

As I understand it, the simplest explanation is that a Warranty Deed transfers land (sold, gifted, etc), and will or will not transfer mineral interests along with the land. When the land is sold or transferred, but the mineral rights are retained (accepting & reserved is the language), it will say that in the WD. If that is not spelled out, then all mineral rights will go to the new owner. A Mineral Deed simply transfers all or a percentage of mineral rights owned by the Grantor to a Grantee (recipient). MDs do not transfer ownership of land, just mineral rights. At Oklahoma County Records website, you can search with names, land description, or use the Book and Page numbers of docs you have to search, and you need to play around with it.

Also in Oklahoma, to obtain recognized ownership of minerals, you need to go through a Probate process, as Oklahoma does not automatically accept Probated Wills from other states as proof of inheritance and ownership. You may "friend" me if you have other questions, but searching this site will provide much information.

Dear Sharyn,

Thank you so much for the information. I understand the difference now. We are in the final stages of Probate here in Arkansas and will pursue Probate in Oklahoma soon. Thank you again.

Kelly Hudson

"IT WILL SAY THAT IN THE WD" --- no, not always. If, for example half of the mineral rights had already been severed but this WD says nothing about that,,,,,then ,all the mineral rights cannot go to the Grantee!!! The WD is NO ASSURANCE OF MINERAL OWNERSHIP REGARDLESS WHAT IT SAYS!!!! to be sure one must check the title thoroughly!!!!

Once you complete the probate in Arkansas an ancillary probate in Oklahoma can take as little as 60 days depending upon the Court’s ability to hear the matter.