Inherited and clueless

Hello. My wife recently inherited mineral rights from her father that he inherited from his mom. All that is known is that it is in Lincoln county. Being that we live in Kentucky, we know nothing about oil or gas wells etc. What is the next step or steps to be taken to get the deed? What is to be done after having deed? All that her dad told her before passing away was they had the rights and never drilled. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, 1, please state the section township and range of the property in question, 2 then you can do a search or somebody on this foum. 3. the deed need to place on record in the Lincoln county clerk and make certain the property has clear title, meaning no issues with ownership. Have a great Week. Lee

FIrst of all, condolences. She does not necessarily need a new deed, but she needs to know how she inherited. If it was through a will, then the title can pass that way. The will is sufficient. If the father died in Oklahoma, then you need to find out if there was a will and if it was probated. It needed to be filed in the county of residence and also in the county where the minerals are located. IF no will, then other steps need to be taken. If he died out of Oklahoma, then there are other requirements. Richard Winblad on the forum has spoken extensively about what to do. She needs to file her name and address and a description of the minerals in the Lincoln Co. courthouse. Welcome to the oil and gas business. You might get started by looking at the Mineral Help tab above.

By giving the section, township and range, we can look and see if there is activity on the section and then advise further.

Welcome to the forum. It is all about how you inherited the minerals. More than likely you will need to probate your father’s estate. There are several different probate options in Oklahoma depending on whether your father’s estate has been probated in another state or whether it has never been probated. Do you know if your father’s estate has been probated in Oklahoma or another state?

So far I have found an old oil and gas lease dated 2001 that her dad signed. Not sure is this means it was drilled or just a lease for possibly drilling. It says:

Township 16 north, range 3 east Section 33; S/2 SW/4

Planning on calling the county courthouse tomorrow to try to get a copy of the deed.

I appreciate the advice and help given. Thank you.

The Houser 1-33 well was drilled in 2001. It was active on the OTC site as of 9/18/2001. The spacing is 160 acres in the SW4 of the section. The operator is Bear Energy LLC as of 2016. There has been no production in the last 12 months. The well had last production in January of 2015.

To save yourself some time, you can try looking at The digital files are usually good to about 1990 or so, but sometimes you get lucky and can find things farther back. Try looking under both her dad’s name and her grandmother’s name and grandfather’s name.

Also sorry for you loss.
In most cases a probate can be completed without the need of the heirs to travel to Oklahoma. Also most cases qualify for a simplified “summary probate”. In normal times those are wound up in about 75 days. Covid-19 changes that somewhat. You can search Lincoln County records online here: Lincoln County Land Records You can purchase token to print pages.

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