Inherited a lease in Marion county but no tax tickets

Hi there, I've recently inherited mineral rights in 3 counties in West Virgina. Doddridge, Ritchie and possibly Marion.

Marion county in the Paw Paw district is where I have a lease amendment that my mom signed back in 2010 (before she recently died) where it lists her as the sole and separate owner of 120 acres

The original lease mentioned in this amendment is with my granddad's grand dad and spouse, dated 1902. The lessor appears to be an individual(non company).

I do not know how the production company found her( and her siblings who are on separate leases) as the heir when the Marion county assessors office cannot find her listed in their system or the ancestor

Would anyone more familiar with this process have any idea how this was possible? I have been unable to get in contact with anyone (including the landman that did the lease) at EQT production that can tell me more

The lease amendment appears to be adding pooling but I don't know how much the signing bonus or the royalty percentage is.

Also, there was a yellow sticky pad attached that mentioned a very small percent interest in 34.9AC @ $50 = $35.42 as an order of payment for this same district. I have no idea what this is.

Her sister found a payment voucher with the same info.

Would anyone know what any of this is and why its different from a lease that lists here as the sole and separate property of 120 acres?

I've been reading many of the postings here and have learned a lot, but looks like I have something new

Thank you