You have covered some aspects of inheritance but I didn't see an answer to my specific question. Doesn't mean its not there somewhere...

My father passed in May of this year. He had leases, that we know of, in Lea County, New Mexico and Glasscock County,Texas. Our problem, or one of them, is that we have no information or paperwork on what he owned. I am working from check stubs for property listings at the moment. How can we determine what he owned and where, producing or not? I assume there is some state agency to contact?

And then, of course, there's getting it all transferred to my brother and I but that's for another day...what a nightmare!!!

State agencies do not keep track of title. This is the responsibility of each mineral owner which is why it is so important to never discard any paperwork and to organize files for each tract of land. If your father inherited or purchased minerals, then you will need to search backward thru the title records in each county. If inherited and no list filed with probatr, search thru records for prior owner (s). Lea County is not online. Glasscock County is likely to be online, but time frame may be limited. Foe producing minerals, you will receive tax statements which will provide some information. Ask operator for copies of division orders and leases or at least the recording information for the lease.