Inheritance split

I just received an offer for my interest of mineral rights on my deceased great grandfather’s property. Two of his heirs just sold their interest of rights and his third heir, my grandmother, is deceased. They would go to my deceased father and have now come down to my sister and me as my father’s heirs. For some reason my sister is under the belief that if we do not sell our interest in the property before his two living elderly heirs pass away that our interest will be further divided into their heirs. Is this a possible situation?

I’ve not filed an affidavit of heirship. Would I need an attorney or a land man or title person to do this?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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Just to add, my great grandfather died intestate and the property is in Angelina County, TX.

Whatever percentage of the minerals you and your sister have are YOURS and they would be passed on to YOUR heirs, not some other relative who already inherited a percentage of the minerals, which they may have sold, leased or passed on the THEIR heirs. Each successive generation “waters down” the percentage of the minerals they’ll receive. Personally, my father and his three sisters each inherited 25% of the minerals they’re father (My grandfather) had. My father and his sisters have all passed, so the 25% they each inherited was divided among their children. Some had more children than others, so all the cousins have a different percentage of the original 100% of the minerals. The percentage I have is no ones but mine, no one else has a claim on the net mineral acres I own in the property. Mine will be inherited by MY heirs, not my brother’s, sister’s or any of my cousin’s children.


Good to know! Thanks for the info Paul. :slight_smile: