Inheritance Research


Janice -

It sounds like you've got a pretty good bead on how to approach the issue, but the research to determine absolutely what she owns can become pretty involved and expensive.

As to what the interests might be worth, there are a variety of ways of estimating that. Ultimately, however, they are worth what someone is willing to pay for them.

If you will accept my invitation to become A Friend on The Forum, I will provide you with my contact information. With that you will be able privately send me the papers you found.

I will be happy to take a look at them and get back to you. We may be able to figure out what, if anything, she owns without having to spend a bunch of time and money.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III
Certified Professional Landman
Fort Worth, Texas

Hi, Janice -

Yes, I've been a Landman for something close to 38 years now. After all that time, I can tell you that it is a passion, not a job.

I don't have a fax machine but can pick them up at the Kinko's around the corner from my house.

If you can scan them in and attach them to an email would be best, but either way is fine with me.


Janice, they have almost everything online at Payne county. The problem is they don't have the main index online to search for the items. You can do a search by the persons name and all transactions are recorded. The Girls at the courthouse are very friendly and if you tell them you have never searched they will gladly help you. I'm guessing it's the one just South of town on the west side of 177... Things have slowed to almost a halt at the courthouse, so I know they will gladly help. Good luck.

That's the one... On the SE corner. Some real nice people. 2nd floor on the NW corner of the building.

Janice -

Just writing to wish you good luck with this. You are on the right track. Something similar happened to me and my family...we got tax notices from the county for wells in a Block and Section for interest that we didn't even realize that we had! We hired a land man whom we'd met via other interests that we did know we had, and he was a God send. He did all of the research for us (we live out of state from where our interest is), provided us with copies of everything we needed, and even took the time to figure out our decimal interest in all of the properties based on the existing lease agreements. And his charge was very, very reasonable. Yes, find someone you trust and go this route. You will sleep better at night and have much less stress when you approach the companies about your interest! Good luck!

I think you have responded to my queries before, but we have already come to an agreement with the current surface owner of the land to which we have mineral rights. However, now we are trying to establish a fair market value of what we are selling based on 2004 oil prices. Where do you suggest we start?

Hey, Roy!

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