Inheritance of Oil & Mineral Rights

Our mother recently passed and we found many documents of 160 acres in Cimarron County which our great grandfather owned and passed down to his daughter (our grandmother) and her daughter (our mother). The property was sold 9/24/1947 but the documents show they kept 1/2 of the oil & mineral rights that were then passed onto our mother and us children. How do we find out next steps? If there is no oil or minerals discovered to date on the property, how do we know if there were any attempts?
Thank you, Paul S

Welcome to the forum! There are a couple of places online you can research any production on your land.

If you enter the legal location it will pull up any activity on your land. It is best to just put the legal location as shown by the example on the website and not any other information to get the widest search result.

If you want to search the documents filed in the county concerning your land, such as deeds, oil and gas leases, etc. you can do research on Online records usually only go back so far and are listed for each county in this website.

If these minerals were inherited you want to makes sure all probates and any other documentation are properly filed in Cimarron County and indexed against the section you own in.

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You can also search the Gross Production site listed above for any production/. Use the section, township and range. You may have to adjust for the Cimarron Meridian.

Thank you so much Rachel. I appreciate the info and it will help us get started! If we don’t find any current activity, is it possible to find out if companies have already looked and didn’t find anything, or if companies are wanting to look on that property? Sorry this is all brand new to our family. do we also have to find out who owns the property now and contact them? Paul

Use the websites above to get more information. If you post the exact section, township and range, some of us have subscriptions to look up current activity-if any. That county is not really “hot” right now.

Here are other places to search:

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Search

Multi-State Unclaimed Search

Mineral Interest Escrow Account Search