Inheritance Mess

I had posted earlier about 16.21 acres in Mcelroy district in Tyler county.

Was contacted by a landman stating we are heirs on the 16.21 acre parcel.

I looked at the records for Tyler County, WV and it shows a certain individual named Perry J. Haught Jr has a deed in entirety to the mineral rights recorded in 2015.

It also shows a lease memorandum done with EQT in 2015 , right of way, and filings for a pipeline.

We were contacted by EQT wanting us to sign and validate all previous and following leases. But we had no prior knowledge of heirship, or cotenency.

EQT says we are heirs on this tract and they have held a primary lease on this parcel since 1973 with Lawrence E Keys.

How can a lease be legal when it is falsely executed by a party claiming ownership in entirety to mineral rights?

I think a legal challenge to ownership of the mineral rights is in order.

We can be contacted at if there are those that may be able to help.