Information wanted

40 acres, more or less
NW/4 NW/4
Block 45, Section 9
Hector R. Castellon
CAD ID: 10641 Culberson Co.
CAD Int: 1.000
Source Deed: 160/351


You are getting offers because your land is in one of the most active areas in the US for oil exploitation using the newly proven techniques of horizontally drilled wells and formation permeability enhancement techniques. If you own the mineral rights know that they are highly coveted and growing more valuable with every well drilled in the area.

The minerals deserve careful examination and protection. Read some posts on Reeves County. Your land is on the county line between Culbertson and Reeves.

Gary L Hutchinson

Thank you, Where would I search to see if the mineral rights belong to me??

I have a Deed and the only mention is that the state of Texas retained rights to groundwater, except for Residential and domestic use and not for commercial or industrial Purposes