Information Pertaining to W/2 Section 70 Blk 20 Borden, Co

I recently received an inquiry from Copperhead Resources, Midland, Tx wanting to lease my portion of the above. As I recall, a well was drilled there several years ago. Unfortunately, I no longer have the information relating to whomever drilled there. Does anyone have any pertinent information regarding this information request?



Hi Nancy, in 2018 there was dry hole drilled by New Atlantis II in A-1096. The other activity appears to be from the 1980’s.

@Nancy_Carolyn_Johnson, looking at what appears to be Abstract-1096 W/2, sec70, block 20, Borden co., there are two new permits that would fall into the W/2 area. API : 22741949 API : 22741950, Highpeak Energy Holdings LLC ( 385826) These were submitted on 9/13/2022. Hopefully this gives you a better picture.

, PR0006541727_0001.pdf (752.1 KB) PR0006541758_0001.pdf (752.3 KB)