Information on well 7-7S-2E

Hi, I heard that XTO took down its drilling rig. On Jacob and airport rd. In love county, Oklahoma. Section 7 Township 7 2E where I have interest. I received two continuance letters from the Oklahoma commission next one in December, I’d appreciate information on what is going on. Sincerely D

You can find the well documents at the OCC wellrecords site. Use the surface location. Test Martin 1-7H18X19 was spud on December 21, 2018. The completion report will be posted there. It will take about four-five months before you will see it as they are running behind. The survey was run in mid April, so don’t expect Division Orders until October or so. First payment will be about six months after first sales. I am guessing November or December. Since the well covers three sections, it will take extra time to clear the titles for each section. Each one has hundreds of owners. However, if they are past six months after first production and your title is clear, you can demand the interest payment of 12%.

The final splits on the well are 20.3938% in section 7, 53.1445% in section 18 and 26.46`7% in section 19.

You may be able to find the well on the Gross Production tax site in a few weeks. I checked today and it was not there yet. The active date is usually fairly close to the first sales date.

I have a couple of questions I noticed a lot of sand being used on a well, confused me, don’t the oil companies use water too frack.

Secondly is there away for water too be and oil too be seperated.

Tremendous amounts of water under very high pressure is used to hydraulically fracture a well. Specialized sand and a small amount of chemicals are carried along with the water. The sand holds the fractures open (the weight of the water and earth above them would immediately close them). The hydrocarbons and the frac water drain back into the hole after the pressure is released and flow up the borehole. Topsides, they have special equipment to separate the water, gas and oil. In many areas, the companies are recycling the water and using it again. The oil is usually stored in tanks awaiting pickup and the gas is sent to processing plants.