Information on the Francisco Perez Survey, A-63, Houston County

Does anyone have current statistics on the survey or how many active wells are in this area?

Is there gas and/or oil or both being produced locally?

I am looking for other local owners to get an estimate of production in and around the southern part of Lovelady east towards US-287.

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Howdy Brian, I will be off-line until 8 pm tonight, however, I will research for recent, last 6 months, for your survey area (probably Francisco Perez League) and try to get you some of the reported O&G production numbers.

Bonus amount and terms, etc, are kept close-to-the-vest, by the O&G min acreage owner and the leasing company. There is no reporting, disclosure required - talk to the local land owners and inquire. Orlan

20 with 42 approved.

East Texas Drilling Report, June 12th, 2011

Houston County

A Wildcat Field will see Burk Royalty drill Bray 1 to 13,000 feet in F. Perez Survey, A-63, located 4.5 miles southwest of Lovelady. It may also be drilled in Fort Trinidad (Edwards), Fort Trinidad, East (Georgetown), Fort Trinidad, East (Buda), Fort Trinidad (Buda) or Fort Trinidad (Glen Rose) fields.
Marty Hyde 1 will be drilled 13.1 miles southwest of Lovelady in a Wildcat Field by Navidad Resources to 12,500 feet in C. Richards Survey, A-866.


Liz B said:


What does "20 with 42 approved" mean? I read from another post of yours that you live near or in Lovelady. I'm trying to find out who's well it is that is active 1 1/2 southeast of Lovelady. Any ideas? I know that there is permitted drilling around but this is an active well that is not providing information to the RRC site.


Mark Solomon said:

20 with 42 approved.