Information on section 10-2n-6w and 9-2n-6w


Brand new here - looking for information on the above section, and how we go about learning more about it. Recently found family paperwork about this, and not sure where to start researching.

Thank you!



First of all here is a map of Stephens County so that you can locate it.

Stephens County Map.pdf (391.8 KB)

Next, read everything you can about Stephens County on the forum so that you can catch up on learning about the oil and gas business.

The Mineral Help at the top of this page is also quite helpful.

Attaching a link from a nice posting over in Canadian county for new folks. INFORMATION FOR INEXPERIENCED ROYALTY OWNERS

That being said, your acreage is not in a currently “hot” area of drilling right now. It is just west of the SCOOP play that you will read about. It does have Woodford, but it is most likely fairly deep and gas. Not a reason to sell, just a reason that the market doesn’t want it as much right now due to pricing. Someday, it may. I am hanging onto my acreage nearby as there are other reservoirs and it is all about timing.

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