Information on Parcels with 9999 designation

My family owns a few mineral rights on parcels with the prefix 9999. I was told by Tyler County Clerks office that mineral right tax statements that list the parcel number with the digits 9999 as the second set of digits ( i.e 02-9999-0000120) is a mineral right that is on a parcel that can not be located. Does anyone have any information on 9999 parcels or how to locate them?

Thank You

Those 9999 are literally no help, if you want to know what you own, you will need to hire a landman to run title on the property, that being said landmen aren't cheap. I would only suggest having a landman run title if youre interested in selling (which will pay for the money spent running title) otherwise I would I wait for Antero or one of the many companies to contact you in hopes of signing a leases. Feel free to shoot me a message.


9999 does designate a mineral parcel, the first two digits correspond to the District within the county.

On your deed, there should be a description of the parcel, which will give you greater insight, but traditionally that information references old farm maps. If you post the entire tax ID and description, I will try to locate the parcel for you.

You can start searching in the Tyler county records which are viewable online

Tyler County

You can go to documents or tax info.

If you choose documents you can search by the various ways such as name, company name, book and page. If you want older records, choose Archives

If you get that screen, you have to select Tyler again as the county. Then if you know a deed book and page, you can select Document book, Deed book, etc. If not, select Index book, choose the last name, etc. It can get complicated. If you know the family member who had the rights early on, search that name.

As suggested, a landman or abstractor can do this more quickly but regular people can learn to do it. If you want to start, see what you find, and ask questions if you have them, abut how to use the database, etc. Sometimes you get stuck.

WV Mineral Owner might be able to help, or I might, or some other members might. At least for Tyler county you don't have to go to the courthouse to do the search. And the Land books are there, for the most part. In the Archives, if you choose Index search on the left menu, when you get to the right side drop down menu you see the different districts, and you can see who owned what when. Not all that easy to use, but I figured it out, so if you want to use that, I can help. It is sort of family history along with searching title.


Thanks so much for your reply, I looked into having a title search done and you are correct it is very expensive.


WV Mineral Owner: My wife and I have mineral rights in Tyler, can't remember the district, but there is a very old well on the parcel called the Dorothy Well. It's probably listed under the "James Ireland Estate"

There are 320 Acres in the parcel that are under lease. We would be interested in selling all or part of the tract.

Charles Towles

Pooler GA


I sent you a friend request on this site, allowing us to email directly.

I probably can find it. Tell me the acreage...if it gives a creek name as description give me the creek name and what tax district.