Information on activity’s in Grady County

Anyone know information on permitting, or activities in sec 6 T7 R8

No drilling yet, but quite a bit of leasing by several companies. Dutton Resources has the majority of the leases. Something is heating up.

Deep gas prospect. May or may not get drilled. Gas will have to hit $5 an mcf before we see a permit in here is my guess.

I have just started receiving royalty from new wells in Grady county near my old production from Fowler 4N6W 3-9X16H. The new wells are named Fowler 4-09X16H and Fowler 5-09X16H. My usual source of well info (Test) does not give me any information such as completion (form 1002A) or even the API number. Can anyone direct me to a different source of info?

The API number is in the fourth column. Use a 35 in front of it to get the complete number. It takes a while to get the completion 1002A posted, so if you are getting paid, that is good. Look for the date of the first production on the statement and that will get you close enough until it is uploaded. May take about four months to see anything online. Especially with the holidays and less work days coming up.