Information of pooling and well that is completed 17& 20 8N-5W

Hello I am wanting information on wells or leasing in 17 & 20 8N-5W Grady co. Oklahoma I have a producing well just completed and wanting more information on it. Pickard 1H-17X RC # 500403114 Newfield.


I moved your request over to Grady County, OK where it will get more traffic. The well is called the Pickard 1H-17X

You can look up the well on the OCC website. You will need to type in 0808N05W in the location box since the well has a surface location in Section 8.

Form 1000 is the permit, 1001A is the spud and 1002A is the completion report.

If you want to know the early production, then you go to the Ok Tax site. I will have to come back and post it because I just tried it and it doesn’t work.

Brand new today…

thank you for your help. I have a company out of Dallas that wants to buy all of royalty. He said he knew it would be high for them to buy it. How much is it going for with a producing well?

The question to ask is if he is buying only the royalty to the one well and you keep the mineral rights or he is buying the mineral rights. Huge difference! More than one well can be drilled in the future. Know what you have before you consider selling. And get more than one offer if you really need to sell.

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