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how do i get into pay status on my wells

You didn’t give quite enough information. If your well was recently drilled, then you will get a division order that states your portion at about five months after first sales. First payments are supposed to be six months after first sales for those with clear title. If you have a title issue, you will have to contact the operator and find out what they require in order to fix the issue. Can’t really answer that here.


What paperwork do i need to put in pay status

Each operator will have their own requirements. If you have a will that grants it to you, you may need to have it filed in the county of the minerals. You might need an affidavit of heirship with death certificates if there was no will. Contact your operator. They will tell you what they need.

If probate is needed in Grady County, the process can usually be completed within 60 days of filing the paperwork.

Oklahoma Probate Options

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Is there any information on the Commerce Comet in Sec 11 7N 7W It runs from 11 into 2?

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Cecil - nothing shows up.

Cecil - it does show that it was spud.

No production reported yet.

The water trucks have slowed down to less than one per day and it appears that they have connected it to the pipeline and are not flaring now. Thanks for looking it up for me…