Inforation pertaining to block 2, sefction 31 reeves tx

hi-- am in ky, know about anything pertaining to block 2 sect 31 reeves tx.??? am getting some interesting offers. thanks for any info.


Nothing as far as horizontal drilling in the section but that is a very good area with a lot of surrounding activity. Anadarko is the predominant operator in that area.

Correction - Anadarko has a horizontal well, the Catclaw Unit 2-31, in the southern half of the section that includes an adjacent tract as well. It produced 46,474 bbls of oil and 154,799 mcf of gas from January 2016 - December 2016.


If you have a current lease on your land and are really serious about selling, get some help determining true value before you respond to any offers in writing. If you are committed to selling at a total price that is good for your needs, you will get some serious attention. Know that you are in a sellers market but you must ask a fair price. It may be even more valuable with a strong company like Anadarko as the operator.

gary- - have 194 acres in section 31--block 2, 170 mineral acres by reeves tax papers. they are 7/8/9/10/11/13/14/15/16/17. will get wade's assistance before any serious paper work; have one offer for $1,860,000, and my two cousins own another 194 acres, mine is attached to pecos, have another offer $1,816,000 and 20%-- this month. lol lol

think 8 or 10 may have a 1/6 lease; however, I received ownership when my mother died in 1991, I have never sighed anything, just realized the other day Wolf, which assume purchased rumuda sent me a check for $38.50 for gas. their was an old well that was full of water, (per-my wife conversation with some operator out their), anyway appreciate all "bits" of info.