2 quick questions. Has anyone dealt with Warwick Energy and anything known brewing in Sec 11, 13N, 11W?

11 already has a well in the Woodford, so you should be held by production.

Also, Devon just put in applications for increased density, location exception and horizontal well at the OCC on Dec. 14. They are going to drill another well shortly.

If someone is trying to buy your properties, that is why and if I were you, I would seriously consider holding onto my minerals.

Read the investor presentations from Devon, Marathon, Newfield and Continental from Q2 and Q3 to get an idea of what is going on in the area.

Thanks for the info. I never sell any of my minerals. Yes, we are held by production-but typically do Pugh clause. Havent made contact with Warwick yet to see what they are up to-. Thanks again