Info regarding lease price in this area

SW/4 SW/4 NE/4 AND S/2 SE/4 NW 4 AND SE/4 SW/4 NW/4 AND E2/NW/4 SW/4 AND N/2 NE/4 SW/4 AND SW/4 AND SW/4 NE/4 SW/4 AND NW/4 AND NW/4 SE/4 OF SECTION 26. TOWNSHIP 2 NORTH, RANGE 1 WEST OF IBM IN GARVIN COUNTY. ALSO S/2 S/2 NE/4 AND N/2 N/2 SE/4 OF SECTION 27, TOWNSHIP 2 NORTH, RANGE 1 WEST, OF THE IBM IN GARVIN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. Anyone know of people who are leasing in this area. Land is south of old brady store between Wynnewood and Elmore City. I would appreciate any help we can get.

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The ones leasing in that general area in 2016 with more than one lease were McLinn Land Services LLC and Rimrock Resource Partners LLC. Most leasing was done in 2016 with only one new lease in 2017. I see one lease extension in S. 26 by Continental Resources in mid 2016.

Tysm Appreciate your time.

Rimrock has been force pooling all around 2N 2W, the core of their area, at:

Option 1: $750.00 & (1/16)= 3/16

Option 2: $500.00 & (7.5%)= 1/5

Option 3: $-0- (1/8)= 1/4

Those should give you a minimum starting point. McLinn appears to be working for Rimrock.


Frank Pfisch, When you say force pooling, they do this after they have attempted to lease mineral rights. We were contacted and offered lease options. Not sure if they are good for 2n 2w or not, the highest bonus being $1000 with 1/8th and going down from there but increasing in royalties. Is negotiating that can be had with an offer like this? Also, I noticed you live in McAlester, my mother was born there and her mother's side is all from there. The Weddle family. :)

Once knew a Raymona Weddle who married a local fuel jobber. Related?

Not that I am aware of. My grandfather was Ray Weddle and he had a twin brother, stanley. My granny is Virginia Weddle Hudgins.