Info on VICTORY SLIDE 22-27-9-5 2MXH, VICTORY SLIDE 22-27-9-5 1XH

Have minerals in section 27- curious if anyone has news on the VS 22-27? Was there in October and looked like ready to frack…we are out of state so hard to keep track of. Thanks, Terri

Hello Terri, My name is Loren and we also have minerals in that same area.The last info that I had rec’d was both wells went into pay status on 11-21-2018, and could be 180 days before royalties are dispersed. so i would think there would be something coming on the mail soon. This site is great for information their are people who are very knowledgeable that can help with these questions.

You should get a Division Order pretty soon. Sometimes on a multi-section well, there is a slight delay. If they are past the six months after first sales, then you will get interest if your title is clear.

Is there any way you can tell when the first sales happen?

I check the Gross Production OK tax site. The first sales are usually very close to the the “active” date.

no info is available as far as production on that site at this time