Info on surface rights

Trying to find info on some surface mineral rights in section 37 and 38 of block 50. Received a call from someone today wanting to acquire the surface rights there. This is some of numerous parcels I’m dealing with and I need to know where to go to find the particular parcel in question that is held in a family estate(estate of william stabler) I am handling. If someone knows where I can go search I would be most appreciative.

Try the Reeves Central Appraisal District property search and the interactive map at the top of the linked page.

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That is a place to start, but tax records are not always correct. You will need to dig deeper for accuracy.

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Do you have any idea as to what Surface average is worth in the Barilla Area of Reeves County?? I would sure appreciate any6 information you might share!~~! Thank You