Info on Sections 3-4N-2W and 3-4N-3W

I have recently inherited mineral rights in these coordinates. I was wondering if any

rights holders knew of current production in proximity?

N. Maysville 1-3 was still productive in Oct 2017. 3-4N-2W SW4 Ranken Energy

Jones Enterprises 1 (SE4) and Bell B (NE4) were still productive in Oct 2017. 3-4N-3W GLP Exploration. Not very big wells.

Your acreage would have to be in the spacing unit of the well to get royalties. For example if the Maysville is in the SW 4 but your acreage was in the NE quarter you might not get production unless the spacing was 640 acres.

These are very small wells

Thanks for info, it was a big help. I will need to get my papers in order.