Info on Sec 7 8N 3W

Is there any information available for Sec 7 8N3W? Where can I find the information?

In general, the well information can be found by looking at the surface location on the OCC well records site.

Production information is found at the OK tax site. Gross Production

Regulatory items can be found on the OCC OAP site. If you know the number of the case.

If you want to search by the section, township and range:

Ms Barnes Can you find any info on a well in section 16/ 9n/ 4w…McClain county? I used the above link but got no records. Thanks for your time and advice.

P.S I see you are from Bellair Tx. You may have known my uncle, Lavern Redman. He was head geologist at CITGO and before City Service.

Thank you so much. My lease is up in May–2020. Any advice as to how to proceed? Thanks

Thank you very Much Ms. Barnes. Seems I’ve had a couple of offers from them to buy. Your help and knowledge is much appreciated. Did you know my uncle?

Sorry, no I didn’t know him. Houston is full of geologists. I may have run into him at a professional meeting, but slipped my mind now.

There have been quite a few offers to buy in McClain. I am holding onto my acreage. Fits our economic plan.

Thanks. I’m holding mine as are my cousins. Best regards and have a great weekend.

Ms Barnes, sorry to bother you again but something you said made me wonder so I must ask. I notice you refer to 19 in several places of our conversation. My section is 16/9n/4w. Is 19 section 19? How am I affected by 19? Thanks for your time again

Oops, my eye went crazy for a minute and I transposed the numbers. I was talking about sec 19 instead of 16.

There are two current horizontal wells that go into section 16-9N-4W. One is called the EOG Resources Tomcat 1621 #1H (1st sales 3/12/19) and has a surface location in section 9. The other is a permit from Native Exploration called Red Elk 9-16-0904 #1WXH with a surface location in section 9. It was revised several times and is good until 8/28/20. No spud yet.

There was an old well called the Levering 1-16 which only produced for a few months back in 2005-6.

Thanks, I thought that might be the case. I do it myself. LOL! So should I be getting paid reference the Tomcat? From EOG?

Eventually. If you use the search icon in the upper corner (magnifying glass), you will find all the comments about the well. Type in Tomcat.

Thank you very very much.

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